Indian Classical Dance Recital by students of Indhra Rajashekar

Naatyaranga's Annual Dance Recital - Indian Classical Dance School based in Rockland County

Given the fact there are numerous dance schools around the country each depicting varied styles of dance, Indian classical dancing holds a special place. The Bharatnatyam dance form dates back to many centuries. So naturally it has depth, meaning and a purpose of it's own.

The glory and grandeur of Indian dance forms has been beautifully brought out by NaatyaRanga Dance school of New City. The Indian community boasts of hundreds of Classical schools in the United States itself. That is phenomenal. However, the quality and precision of a dancer is known by his or her Guru or teacher. The Indian dance Bharatnatyam involves the movement of all of the limbs in synchronicity, with eye movement and face expressions along with miming. It is a form of dance which is an art, an exercise, a theatrical outlet and a form of yoga. In a nutshell, a dancer projects his or her self union of the body heart and soul… that is Bharatanatyam. It is a purposeful and heavy art, steeped in meaning and it's beauty comes out when it is portrayed correctly. It cannot be taught without understanding the spiritual essence.One has to be emotionally, psychological involved to portray the scene. It is mandatory to instill a full rounded to bring out this dance form.

To teach such an art, while bringing out it's many facets of spirituality, is commendable. The teachers consist of a wonderful mother and daughter team: Indhra Rajashekar and Rangapriya Rajashekar. This duo and their group of 72 dancers performed at the South Clarkstown High school on the June 15th 2013. The auditorium was packed with an enthralled audience, who watched dancers perform of varied ages: from a 4 year old to a 17 year old. The most endearing moments were when each parent took time to appreciate the teachers.

All of them emphasized on how the Guru teaches the Natya by addressing the psychological needs of the child. I quote the parents “Children not only learn the art of dancing, but they also learn to deal with their emotions, learn etiquette, and respect”. Etiquette and respect is evidently not in abundance in most of the kids today.

There are many teachers, spiritual, religious Hindu leaders within the community who have invaluable wealth of knowledge to direct the younger generation towards true spirituality. However, Mrs.Indhra Rajashekar has, in a simple way, artistically combined spirituality and Bharatnatyam to be brought out in her students all of which spills over in their beautiful dance performances as well as in their proud parents. Each boasting to have have been coming from as far as two hours to New City just to attend Mrs.Indhra's dance classes on a daily basis. Without any of the paraphernalia or grandeur, Mrs. Rajashekar has instilled in her students a deep respect for Indian heritage and culture.

"It warms my heart to see the performances and the comments from parents and audience. It definitely seems that Mrs.Indhra's Naatyaranga students are opening a new path to a higher level of learning and the re-establishing the Indian culture and Heritage among the younger generation"

- Jayanthi Ramaswami Raghu

Naatya Ranga Dance school programs are sponsored by ECHO (Eastern Cultural Heritage Organization) which is an organization with a big vision of bringing the community together through music and dance. All donations and contributions are welcome. Volunteers welcome.

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